Rhovyl best protection against winter cold. Its moisture wicking properties create a microclimate keeping the body warm and dry.

Underwear made from this unique, French fibers significantly reduces the moisture condensation effect. Its, structure allows for greater wickaway properties, keeping the body dry and warm. 

Rhovyl fabrics has static properties which in term helps with the circulatory system, it is not alergenic, keeps its properties for a long period of time and thanks to its moisture evaporating traits, dries quickly. Contrary to other natural and artificial fabrics, Rhovyl, when in contact with body creates negative ions which is ideal for people with rheumatic disorders. 

It is flame retardant and resistant to chemical products. By keeping the body in a constant temperature Rhovyl fabrics is ideal for winter excursions.

Rhovyl has been awarded an ISO 9001 certification for Quality and Environment    

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Chosen products made of Rhovyl technology

Walk Rhovyl

Long sleeve shirt made especially for winter excursions.

Walk is the best solution for those who need a warm first layer clothing for up coming cold winter days. Created from Rhovyl fabri...

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28,00 EUR

Boxer Rhovyl

Man's boxer shorts for winter

Our best response to chilly weather. Made out of thermoactive Rhovyl fiber it will keep your unmentionables nice and warm. 

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12,00 EUR

Briefs Rhovyl

Man's briefs for winter

Warm, man's briefs for those who do not like boxers. 

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8,00 EUR

Ski Lady Rhovyl

Two-color long sleeve for women, with a short zippered stand-up collar.

Women's long sleeve for the winter. Rhovyl knit provides maximum comfort and warmth even on the coldest days. Perfect for skiing.

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30,00 EUR

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