Winter is coming! A quick guide to layered clothing.
Posted by Mateusz Orzeszyna 9 years ago · Jaxamount

We all know that in this upcoming months it will we need to keep ourselves cosy and warm. The best way of bracing for winter chill is dressing accordingly. That said we recommend the three layer system of clothing which provides the overall best protecition against the cold.

The first, inner layer is there to keep the skin dry and warm. Our Rhovyl undergarments are made to do just so. It's theromoactive antibacterial properties, provide the comfort we all need. It draws sweat outside so we are always nice and dry even when the temperatures outside are truly extreeme. 

The second, mid, layer is there to provide additional insulation in cold weather. We can use cotton jumpers or synthetic fibers such as our polyester Technopile jackets. It will keep us warm by creating a microclimate between itself and the inner layer. 

Third layer or shell layer is there to protect us from wind and rain. Best to use breathable hard shell materials, such as waterproof membrane jackets and other outer technical garments. 

Depending on temperature, we need to use sufficiently warm mid layer. For all those active people out there, it is important for your clothes not to bee too warm either. We generate enough heat ourselves during physical excercises and if our clothes are ill fitted the first layer won't be able to keep us dry thus making it easy for us to catch a cold while cooling down waiting in a queue for the ski-lift. 

Our thermoactive Rhovyl undergarments are possibly the best solution for first layer clothing. Tested on Polish ski slopes it has been given a green light as one of the best thermal underwear available on our market.  

bielizna termoaktywna rhovyl ciepła bielizna bielizna Rhovyl francuskie włókno


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