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Posted by Mateusz Orzeszyna 9 years ago · Jaxamount

What do we understand by thermoactivity, what kind of properties thermoactive uderweare should have? Why is it important for out underwear to have such properties?

We hear about thermoactive underwear everywhere. It is now the time to explain what does it  mean. 

Let us start from the way it works and the meaning of thermoactivity itself. In order for uderwear to be thermoactive it needs to do one very important thing. Namely it should efectivly draw moisture from the body, in other words it needs to have wickaway properties. That is where the name thermoactivity comes from, sice the way it works is based on the difference between the body's temperature and outside temperature. 

This effect can be created by making a fabric with certain properties. It should be elasctic, so the clothes fit closely on the body and its inner structure should be "openwork". It allowes for the moisture to be evaporated quicker than it is absorbed, and the fabric stays dry which in term keeps the body dry. Thermoactive underwear creates a thin layer of heated air what transfers into feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Thermoactive undergarments are usually used as inner layer clothing (to find out more about layered system of clothing check out our last post ) in combination with the warming polyester mid layer and the isulating, semi-permeable outer membranes for protection against the wind and the rain.  

Our products are fully thermoactive, the Rhovyl and Smartcell underwear guarante the highest quality protection against the cold caused by moist inner layer.


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